Father’s Day at Somerset Patriots

Father’s Day is technically a day to celebrate being, well, a father. However, really, it’s about finding something for both my daughter and I to agree on as “fun.” I decided it would be a good time for both of us to visit the Somerset Patriots, members of the professional baseball Atlantic League near Bridgewater, NJ, a place I discovered years ago, but hadn’t yet visited.

The Patriots, much like our beloved IronPigs, were providing fathers a catch with their children in the outfield grass. So, Ab and I trekked out to the stadium two hours before game time, stood in line for our commemorative ball, and spent 10 minutes in right-center having a catch on gorgeous turf. We followed our catch with tacos and a burrito bowl chased  with a Summer Shandy and a Coke before resigning to our amazing seats directly behind the Patriots on-deck circle.

The highlight of the day, besides having a catch with my number one gal, was fist bumping Jake Fox, first basemen for the Patriots. Jake initiated the fist bumping with the family sitting in the front row before his first time up, which resulted in him hitting a two-run blast. His following first bumps with the family resulted in a double and another two-run homer. While awaiting his third at-bat the, the family left for food so we provided him fist bumps from the second row resulting in a ground out to first. Sorry, Jake.


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