Day 4: LV IronPigs vs. Buffalo Bisons

It’s time to go home again. After three #calledup games on the road, we’re heading to the familiar environs of Coca-Cola Park to watch the Lehigh Valley IronPigs take on the Buffalo Bisons. We’re based in and around Easton, Pa. and the IronPigs are our home team. We’ve been to dozens of games over the years and we’re looking forward to the familiar chances and packed crowds of CCP.

Personally I used to love the ‘Pigs-Bisons games because it gave me a chance to see Mets prospects in action (like the rest of the #calledup crew I’m a big @IronPigs fan, but my major league affinity lies elsewhere).  Unfortunately the Mets’ Triple A affiliate is now the Las Vegas 51s  and the Bisons have switched their affiliation to the Toronto Blue Jays (the same as the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, who beat the Reading Fightins last night).

Unfortunately we won’t be sitting in our traditional seats in Section 105 of CCP; in order to slot in the IronPigs game into its proper place in the #calledup lineup we had to buy general admission tickets (the ‘Pigs being so popular that even in March 2013, months before the game, we couldn’t get 3 seats in a row anywhere in the stadium). As a result you can expect to find us hanging out in the Pig Trough or the Tiki Library (aka the Red Robin Oasis) during the game.

Update: Unfortunately the game was postponed because of rain. We got to spend an hour or two at the Tiki Library (ssshhh!) in CCP and had our obligatory Shocktop and some dinner, but the tarp never came off the field. The game’s been rescheduled as part of a double-header on August 26, 2013. We’re not sure if we’ll go to that one or another game, but in any case it looks like #calledup will last beyond this week.

Correction: @CherylPursell explained that it was Buffalo that booted the Mets, not the Mets that dropped Buffalo. Read more at ESPN.


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